Current Exhibition

27 July—2 September

Canvas and Clay Connection Revisited

Maryke Miller and Laurie Astill’ s work represent how two artists complement each other

with their exceptional skills, sense of fun

and the way in which they continually reinvent themselves as artists.

Deep Within

Helen Dennis  presents a series of acrylic paintings on canvas

of the ‘fleeting moments’ of our lives.

We pass a place, a person, an object or an event, 

glancing momentarily to register its form and the narrative it transmits to us.

These are the fleeting moments of the everyday.

Once seen, they soon disappear from our conscious memory until a sense of

‘deja vu’ recalls the patterns, textures, colours, narrative,  

sounds, and our personal connections.

Our subconscious mind builds a surrealistic imagery based on realism.

These deep within recollections, distorted by time,

distance and prejudices, eventually become our ‘truths’.

Larger Than Life

Dean Ford’s art practice is a mirror of his love of life.

His large scale paintings envelope the viewer and

creates a dynamic impression .