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The Art of Wool

6 April – 6 May

Bridging the Gap between farm and fashion.

A stunning touring exhibition from the

New England Regional Art Museum

in partnership with the Woolmark Company

Next Exhibition

Art in the Soil

10 May – 3 June

Opening Night 11 May | 6pm

This exhibition plays with science and art.

It brings together the work of six artistic practices creating arrange of media:

sculpture, soundscape, landscape art, architecture and interactive relational art.

Friends and Form

Laura Fletcher, Yve Gray & Judy James

Bring together their distinctly diverse ceramics in camaraderie and creativity.

Fragments: Abstract, Pattern & Close Up Photography

Dan Demy-Geroe

Demy-Geroe creates these minimalist artistic compositions where the visual design

becomes more important than accurately recording the overall original scene.

Calling Stanthorpe Poets

1 June, 29 June, 27 July, 31 Aug, 26 Oct, 30 Nov

Stanthorpe Poetry group meets once a month 10am-12pm @ the Stanthorpe Gallery

Stanthorpe Junior Writers Group

Hands on story telling and writing activities each month with the aim to improve skills and confidence with word-smithing

1 June, 29 June, 27 July, 31 Aug, 26 Oct, 30 Nov

Stanthorpe Junior Writers group meets once a month 4-5 pm @ the Stanthorpe Gallery