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12 January @ 6pm

Opening Night for Next Exhibition

Perceive / Conceive: Expanded

Leigh Schoenheimer: In this exciting exhibition we see a collision of Schoenheimer’s sculpture and painting practice, with each comprising a triptych, exhibited with a sculpture.


Dennis Hope Hope‘s work exemplifies his love of order, balance and symmetry, and the organised arrangement of parts placed in conjunction with each other to form the building blocks of composition in dimensions.

Sharp Focus through the Lens of Youth

Stanthorpe State High School celebrates the best work of our young artists in 2017

12 January @ 10-11.30am

Writers’ Workshop

illustrate your own story

17 January @ 10-11.30am

Make a Kite

19 January @ 10-11.30am

Mono Printing

make your own book cover

9 February @ 10am- 3pm

Art Class

Xiang Lan – A skilled Chinese artist presents a second workshop @ SRAG