Fay Roselt - about the exhibition

New Exhibition in the Gallery: Fay Roselt winner of 2018 Local Art Award in the 2018 Stanthorpe Art Prize

Each exhibition is always different but this one is very special, when one of our very own local artists is in the gallery. An Odyssey in Stitch and Fibre which opens today, is by Fay Roselt Fay, winner of the Local art prize in the 2018 Stanthorpe Art Prize. This is a must see with an eclectic mix of fibre art, poetry and information how this very talented artist finds her muse which is the impetus for her creativity. Alongside QAGOMA’s Touring Physical Video, opening night is tomorrow the 10 May at 6pm.

Fay’s initiation into art practice began with participation in a Machine Embroidery workshop by Carol Wilkes in 1999 which kindled a deep interest in textile art.  

This was followed by a McGregor Summer School workshop in 2000.  A long intense 10 day workshop, Fay struggled to contain her ideas and endless possibilities. She feels that her tutor Glenys Mann (who will be opening for Fay on Friday night) was integral in giving Fay self-belief and the will to go further and deeper into her chosen art.

A keen recycler, she collects bones, feathers and weathered, rusty, worn and torn things, a Japanese art concept called Wabi Sabi which means impermanent, imperfect and incomplete.  Attracted to textures and colours, cloth and paper, she often uses old blankets which dye easily with plant material and commercial dyes. For Roselt the challenge and difficulty is in assemblage, collage and placement to transform all her intrigues into her unique artwork. Her practice is usually intuitive rather than meticulously planned.

Fay says that perhaps one day she will decide to concentrate her efforts in a particular area of interest but for the moment she is happy to explore many facets of fibre art and use the wonderful world around her to inspire new and wonderful creations.