Stanthorpe street art

There are many interesting works of art on Stanthorpe streets (and now also beyond the town into the Granite Belt).

See below for details or check out our map at the bottom of the page.

Stay tuned for more street art in the future! There are some great works currently in progress.

YMCA/Gallery Alleyway

The above works are located in the alley between the Art Gallery and the swimming pool in Weeroona Park. Put yourself in the picture!

Artwork by Kath Ives, Julie Brown, Susan Peters, Sarina Moncada, Alyssa Stabile

Thanks to Andria O'Brien for the photos.

ben moxham.png

Public toilets behind the Farley Street Piazza

By Ben Moxham & Laurie Astill

Brock Park Public Toilets

By Dean Ford and Peter Martin

This block gives tribute to the Stanthorpe Show. Located between the showgrounds and Favero Motors.

Lions Toilets 1.jpeg

Wallangarra Road, Stanthorpe

Public toilets at the Lions Club rest stop on Wallangarra Road on the way to the southern entrance to town near the New England Highway.

Art by Dean Ford, Ben Moxham and Laurie Astill


Wallangarra public toilets

Lions Park, Wallangarra

Artists: Tully De Vries, Luanna Legge, David Moore, Hayley Southern, Christopher Sanchez and Arora De Vries


Storm King Dam toilets

Artists: Trevor Horsnell, Rachel Whieldon, Amy Peters, Gina Roberts


Italian Streetscape @ the Farley Piazza

Celebrating the history and culture of the region's Italian community, the mural was made possible by a $6500 grant via SDRC's Regional Arts Development Fund. Brought to life by artists Julie Brown, Dean Ford and Laurie Astill.

Glenda Riley Angelo Valiante.jpg

Angelo Valiante by Guido van Helten

The Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery, in partnership with First Coat are proud to present this incredible artwork by Guido van Helten, completed in November 2016. The mural depicts Angelo Valiante who turned 100 in in the month of completion. Mr Valiante was one of the first Italians to settle in Stanthorpe and the work pays homage to the Italian community that have made the region what it is today.

Angelo looks out reflectively to the main street of Stanthorpe with hope in his eyes – and an optimism for the future of the region and what the next 100 years will bring.

Photo by Glenda Riley.


Drapl Mural

Created during the 2016 Stanthorpe Apple & Grape Harvest Festival, this work can be found on the southern wall of the Country Club hotel (the top is visible as you drive north along the main street). This was the first official street art for Stanthorpe.

This work was made possible by our generous community members All Cool Refrigeration Services and K&A Building Pty Ltd. These kind businesses donated the scissor lift & fencing and without them the project would not have happened. Thank you to SDRC for their support and RADF for funding this dynamic artwork. Finally, thanks to everyone who watched the piece being created, we hope the community enjoys it as much as we do!

Fromes Lane - Photos by Glenda Riley

granite belt brewery.jpeg

Granite Belt Brewery Mural

This large Willy Wonka themed mural adorns the wall of the Granite Belt Brewery extension. The piece was created by Brisbane street artists The Brightsiders and took three artists three days to complete.

Glenda Riley Civic Centre.jpg

Civic Centre Mural

By Drapl & Treas

Photo by Glenda Riley

Rogers Street Carpark Sculpture
by Gabriele Trabucco and Richard Pfeiffer

Photos by Glenda Riley


Backpacker mural

Based on an original image by Laurie Astill, local artists Dean Ford and Julie Brown assisted Laurie to bring this scene to life on the wall between the Post Office and the Chemist. Thanks to SDRC and RADF funding and Rod Kelly our Local Councillor for his support in this great initiative.

Tiles on Footpaths

Teri Welles & Maggie Brockie

Good News - 2004 - Handmade Tile Inlays
Hidden Cultures - 2005 - Community Mosaic

On the footpaths near the Brass Monkey & the Post Office.


Brass Monkey

Chris Humphreys

In long ago wars artillerymen had a brass plate called a ‘monkey’, which sat on the ground along side the cannon. This plate held 30 iron cannonballs stacked pyramid-like, until on freezing nights the monkey would shrink and the balls would fall off, hence the expression ‘cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey’.

This friendly chap is showing relief having protected the last two balls on the plate. Resemblance to any person is unplanned, purely accidental.

This work can be found outside the newsagent on the corner of Maryland and Railway streets.


Balustrade and The Outside Window - Mel Forbes

Steel, Wire & Glass

The Figures in the Landscape.
The circles in the fencing sections are inspired by the boulder formations in the landscape in and around Stanthorpe. The circle and the motifs in the wire sections combine to create a simplified figure.

The Outside Window draws design inspiration from the old style Queenslander windows.

This work can be found next to the Brass Monkey sculpture on the corner of Maryland and Railway streets.

Art in Farley Piazza

Featuring Melanie Forbes, Rob Simcocks, Maggie Brockie, Teri Welles, Tom Hoffman, John Cook, Michael Boucher, St Josephs High School, Patricia Sheehan, John Island & Stanthorpe State High School.

See the board in the piazza for more information about each of the works.

Community Mosaic


Teri Welles &

Maggie Brockie

Hidden Cultures

Developed from items donated by members of the local community and items handmade by children and adults in workshops conducted by Maggie and Teri, this work represents many of the different cultures - be they ethnic, historical, family, personal, recreational or symbolic - that make Stanthorpe a diverse and vital place.

The designs is a layered landscape. The lower layers represent the earth, environment, waterways and animals… the past. The middle layers represent industry and domestic cultures, family, farming, business and history, while the top layers incorporate multicultural and contemporary elements, youth, music, sport and recreation. The sky - both night and day - represents the passing of time, the dark and light, the balance of life. The big bright sun is made of little suns, our sons and daughters… the future.

All of the pieces made and collected were used, either whole or in part, making this truly a community mosaic.

Chris Humphreys - Blue the Divine

Sandstone & Granite

This work can be found outside the post office.


Look for the blue camera icons to indicate street art locations.