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Fay Lavender: Three Windows to My Life, Martin Gallagher: Encounters on the Road to Shangrila & the Gallery Collection

  • Fay Lavender: Three Windows to My Life

  • Martin Gallagher: Encounters on the Road to Shangrila

  • The Gallery Collection from the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery

Fay Lavender

Fay Lavender was born in Alice Springs, as was her father before her. She belongs to the Eastern Aranda people, originating from the Simpson Desert region.

Her Uncle Walter Smith (dec) was the last surviving “ Senior Law Man “ for the Eastern Aranda people. When he died much of people’s secret law were never to be revealed thewr was no one fully qualified to receive them.  A history of her uncle can be found in “ The Man From Aritunga “ by Dick Kimber, a biography of Uncle Walter’s life.

Some of the works that will be in this exhibition by Fay Lavender:

Martin Gallagher

On the Road to Shangri-la where Shangri-la is a place of peace and tranquillity: This place is where Gallagher finds himself as he picks his brushes up and stares at a blank canvas. The road  travelled to Shangri-la is when his sub-conscious mind takes over from his conscious; time appears to stand still and a painting begins.

Some works by Martin Gallagher are below:

Gallery Collection

In 2018 Charles Blackman  “one of the heroes of the history and development of Australian art in the twentieth century, passed away”.  SRAG would like to pay tribute and celebrate the life of Charles Blackman by exhibiting Figures, Flowers and Full Moon alongside some of the wonderful and diverse pieces from their painting and ceramic collection: known to be one of the best ceramic collections in regional Australia.

A few of the collection works that will be on display: